Family Law

  • Legal advice on marriage, stable union and matrimonial property regimes
  • Legal advice on unilateral and common child custody and visitation
  • Register in Brazil of marriages celebrated abroad
  • Legal advice on family planning
  • Nullity and annulment of marriage
  • Mutual consent or contested divorce
  • Mutual consent or contested asset sharing
  • Child Support (grant request, offer, review, dismissal and execution)
  • Custody of Children (unilateral and common) and establishment of visitation regime
  • Actions of Parental Relationship (Paternity Contestation, Paternity Investigation, Recognition of Paternity, Action for Annulment of Register of Births and Socio-affective Paternity)
  • Writ of Prevention: Mensa et thoro proceeding (legal separation); Lien on Assets and Search and seizure
  • Judicial Consent for national and international trips
  • Disability and guardianship
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgment
  • Adjustment of name in the civil register office
  • International civil sequestration of children

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